Go-tec Foot Plate Pressure Sensor

Surface pressure profile of a person walking across sensor pad using the Go-tec® Foot Plate Pressure Sensor System

Surface pressure profile of a person's foot on a sensor pad using the Go-tec® Foot Plate Pressure Sensor System

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What is the Go-tec® Foot Mapping Sensor

The Go-tec® foot mapping sensor system is the most efficient and accurate way to assess gait analysis, foot pressure points and athletic plantar impacts. Real-time pressure profiling provided by Go-tec® enables precise and immediate evaluations of conditions related to the diabetic foot, analysis of the weight bearing capability and conformability of orthotic and prosthetic devices, and assesses molt of impact effects from various bipedal locomotion activities of both feet, either exclusive or in relation to each other, all in ultra high speeds.

How Go-tec® works

The Go-tec® sensor element instantly collects pressure data and sends it as an analog signal back to an intermediary data “hub,” where it is converted to a digital signal. The digital signal is then sent to an interface (software) configured for easy viewing and dynamic analysis capabilities. Go-tec® software provides 2D, 3D, isobar and pinpoint region-of-interest image viewing, graphical displays of data in bar charts, line scans and histograms, statistical analysis of average/minimum/maximum pressures, total force over any selected area, pressure vs. time and more. The data can easily be exported for further analysis in many third party softwares.

Go-tec® Foot Mapping System
foot mapping system
Go-tec® Foot Plate Pressure Sensor, Software, and Printout

Why use the Go-tec® system

This dynamic foot plate sensor employs the pressure sensing design principle of resistance which gives Go-tec® great advantages in both adaptability and customization. This robust sensor lasts thousands of uses with consistent repeat-ability, accuracy and maintains its high resistance to electromagnetic noise, temperature and humidity fluctuations. Conveniently portable, a complete Go-tec® foot mapping sensor system weighs less than ten pounds.

Go-tec® Foot Mapping Software
analysis view foot plate software

Go-tec Foot Plate Pressure Sensor Software - Analysis View

Go-tec® System Benefits

arrowA truer orthotic fit
arrowProjection of scientific validity and precision to patients
arrowFully customization of software is available to promote your
arrowCustomer takeaway (printout) has high visual impact and
        pass-along value

Sensor Specifications
Technology Resistive
Number of Sensors 2,304 (Arranged in a 48 x 48 Matrix)
Spatial Resolution 0.31 in. (8 mm)
Sensing Area 15 in. x 15 in. (38 cm x 38 cm)
Data Resolution 12-bit
Pressure Range 0.72 to 30 PSI (0.05 to 2.10 kg/cm²)
Data Acquisition Frequency 180 Hz
Accuracy ±10%
Platform Height 0.25 in. (0.63 cm)
Weight 9.25 lbs. (4.2 kg)
Operating System Windows® XP / 7
Connection Method USB / Wireless
Operating Temp. Range 5°F to 86°F (-15°C to 30°C)
Storage Temp. Range 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)

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"We've used the foot pressure mapping sensor system for several years now in various applications. It continues to be accurate and consistent – in other words, highly reliable!."