Topaq® Pressure Analysis System

Topaq Pressure Analysis System

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Topaq® is a revolutionary stress measurement instrument for analyzing force distribution and magnitude. Topaq® ’s user-friendly Windows based software enables the characterization of how force is disbursed in any process or assembly where two surfaces contact or impact. Sensor Products Inc. is a world leader in the design and manufacture of sensor systems exclusively for tactile pressure monitoring and analysis.

A World of Uses

Screenshot of Topaq® software

Sensor Products Inc. draws on over ten years of experience to continuously extend the capabilities of tactile pressure management. With the introduction of Topaq®, engineers now have a truly affordable tool of unparalleled power and accuracy. Whether your function is R&D, design or quality assurance, Topaq® improves yield, ensures parallelism, registers the precise characteristics of an impact, validates press uniformity and aids in all types of machine calibration.

What is the Topaq® System?

Topaq® consists of a specially calibrated densitimetric scanner and Windows software. An essential component of the Topaq® system is the force indicating film commonly known as Fujifilm Prescale®. These sensor films change coloration permanently and instantaneously in response to pressure being applied to them. The Topaq® scanner and software is then used to image and interpret the stress marks on the film. From this, Topaq® renders high resolution, color calibrated images and a wealth of statistical information pertaining to the analyzed film.

Any situation in your manufacturing process or R&D center where there are two objects or surfaces coming into contact, is an opportunity for Topaq® to perform.

Unlike FEA, Topaq® is a post-process interpretive system that actually collects data from a proprietary tactile transducer.

Powerfully Simple to Use

While Topaq® is equipped with an extensive array of features, you can perform a simple analysis in a matter of minutes. The system makes it extremely easy for a new user to extract and utilize important information. Simply scan in your exposed pressure indicating film, key in a few input variables, and Topaq® instantly generates full-color pressure maps and accompanying statistical data. Even more, Topaq® is accurate to within ± 4% — unprecedented in the field of tactile pressure measurement.

A Better Way of Looking at Pressure

Screenshot of Topaq® software displaying 3D Interpretation

3D Interpretation: Topaq® enables you to view, rotate and flip your application image in two or three dimensional space while choosing among four different color palettes. Images can be further enhanced by varying the number of colors displayed or by utilizing Topaq’s powerful smoothing and threshholding functions. All in an effort to bring out otherwise unseen detail.

Take a Closer Look

Screenshot of Topaq® software displaying Image Zooms

Image Zooms: This tire tread impression is magnified 300%, enabling a pixel by pixel analysis of its high pressure areas (shown in red). With Topaq®, images can be expanded or reduced from 25% to 400%. Topaq’s manual and auto-cropping features allow you to quickly slice off extraneous parts of an image, enabling detailed examination of a specific region of interest.

Topaq’s duplicate zoomed image function utilizes a proprietary algorithm that can enlarge an image without the typically accompanying increase in graininess.

Information at the Touch of a Button

Screenshot of Topaq® software displaying a Pressure Line Scan

Pressure Line Scans: One example of Topaq’s powerful, single keystroke features is the ability to determine the pressure profile along a user-defined line. This line can be reduced to the width of a pixel, or expanded as wide as the image itself. This is a useful tool for assessing narrow bands of pressure over unusual or intricate shapes.

Pressure Statistics: The region statistics function yields total force, average PSI (or metric Kg/cm) and standard deviation for the entire image or a user-defined region.

Statistically Speaking Nothing Beats Topaq®

Screenshot of Topaq® software displaying Distribution Histograms

Pressure Distribution Histograms: Topaq® reads and interprets pressure variation by optically analyzing your pressure indicating sensor films and assimilating this data into a series of easy-to-read formats. A single keystroke generates the Histogram, a report that reveals the statistical distribution of pressure levels throughout your image. Of course, as with all Topaq® functions, you can perform a Histogram on a user-defined region of interest.

Topaq’s Grid-maker function can divide your image into any number of user-defined quadrants. The software then automatically calculates statistical information for each segment.

System Specifications
Optical Resolution 100 - 1,000 DPI
Imaging Area 12” x 17” (A3)
Scanning Mode 36-bit color
Weight 17 lbs. (7.7 Kg.)
Power Consumption 49 Watts
Interface USB
Scanning Time 40 seconds
AC Line Voltage 100-240 VAC
Light Source Cold Cathode Lamp
Linearity 0-2 O.D.
Light Source Cold Cathode Lamp
Wavelength 400-750 nm
Absorbance Range 0-3.2 O.D.
Image Processing Gamma Adjustment, Filtering
Networkable Unlimited # of users

Company: Cummins Inc.

"Topaq is working better than expected. We performed some uncertainty analysis on the calibrated scanner that resulted in less that 2% uncertainty. We are very pleased with the results."

Company: Emerson Electric Co.

"We wish to thank your company for their remarkable product and outstanding services made available."

Company: Folgers Coffee

"Thanks for the help with testing. It definitely helped show the difference between the two caps we are testing. That was one piece of information that gave us confidence to switch to the "v seal" cap."

Company: Fres-co System USA, Inc

"Topaq has been a very good investment. We are continue to enjoy using it."

Company: GE Industrial Solutions

"The analysis was Great! It helped give us a better view of the variation between the samples and certainly had more detail than we could extract from the basic color scale ourselves. I expect that we will utilize this analysis as we continue with development."

Company: Kraft

"We are using the system with success."

Company: Philips Medical Systems

"Topaq can be a lifesaver, and has helped me come up with several new techniques for analysis and design."

Company: Siemen's

"The report looks very good and exactly what I had asked for."

Company: Synectic

"The images are easy to understand as well as simple to incorporate into our presentations."