Surface Pressure Mapping Sensors

Unique, affordable & easy to use tool that reveals relative pressure distribution between two contacting, mating or impacting surfaces

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Finding the relative pressure between your two contacting or impacting surfaces is affordable & easy with Pressurex-micro®. Since Pressurex is a thin (20 mils) pressure indicating sensor film, it easily conforms to curved surfaces. You can even use the Pressurex film in intolerant environments and tight places where conventional electronics transducers are useless.

All you need to do is to place the Pressurex film between two contacting or impacting surfaces. After removal, the resulting image will show the relative amount of pressure applied as a grayscale pressure distribution profile. The greater the pressure, the darker the color intensity. Pressurex is perfect for any load less than 20 PSI (1.5 kg/cm²).

Pressurex pressure film makes it even easier to analyze and interpret images when combined with our Topaq® imaging system. Grayscale pressure distribution profiles are rendered into clear, easy to interpret images within seconds. These images are a high resolution full-color representation of pressure distribution. Graphs and data accompany the view. This is the easiest and most effective way to determine pressure distribution between mating surfaces.

The term Pressurex® is synonymous to pressure indicating film, pressure film, pressure indicating paper, pressure mapping system, pressure sensitive paper, pressure sensing film, film pressure gauge, impact sensing film, planarity sensor, pressure distribution sensor, pressure film picture, pressure gauge film, tactile pressure measurement sensing, and thin film contact tactile pressure gauge.

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