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Our proprietary Bodyfitter® algorithm allows the retailer or manufacturer of mattresses the ability to produce a scientifically derived value that is highly correlated to the support and comfort that the customer will experience. Bodyfitter®, collects pressure distribution and magnitude data from two discrete sections of the body, the lumbar region and buttocks region and though a sophisticated series of computations produces a singular output or ergonomic index.

From years of research gathered from thousands of individuals on various sleep surfaces, we’ve compiled a database that is at the core of the Bodyfitter® algorithm. Sensor Products Inc. offers our Bodyfitter® sensor system and analysis package with the intention of enabling the consumer to purchase a truly well fitted mattress. Customers will leave with the assurance of a scientifically validated mattress decision, minimizing post-purchase dissonance, and will associate your name with the progressive use of science and technology.

"What Bodyfitter® does is attempt to align the subjective perception a customer develops when lying on a mattress with hard science. If these two factors are congruent, post purchase dissonance is highly reduced and thus returns are greatly minimized." — Jeffrey G. Stark, CEO


  • Most economical technique to capture mattress “fit” data
  • Introduces scientific validity to the mattress selection process
  • Lower return rates

Sensor Specifications
Technology Piezoresistive - Capacitive
Pressure Range 0 - 1.5 PSI (0 - 78 mmHg)
Grid Size Up to 16 x 32
Sensing Points Up to 512
Total Sensing Area Up to 24 in x 24 in (61 cm x 61 cm)
Scan Speed Up to 10 hertz
Spatial Resolution Custom from 0.5 in² (1.3cm²)
Thickness 30 mils (0.7 mm)
Accuracy ± 10%
Repeatability ± 2%
Hysteresis ± 5%
Non-linearity ± 1.5%