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Tactilus® Bolt Switch

The Tactilus® Bolt Switch is a revolutionary new means to ascertain bolt loosening - whether from vibration, tampering or accidents.

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Making the invisible visible

The foundation of the Tactilus® switch consists of 3 small metallic domes made of memory retaining metals. Upon compression these domes create a circuit. The redundancy of 3 domes (all within the contact area) virtually eliminates false positives or negatives from occurring-all three domes, independently need to indicate an open or closed circuit state. Add to this redundancy the placement of the entire electronic controller within the compressed region and you achieve a level of pilfer resistance and reliability that is unmatched in the industry.

The core element of tactilus's funtionality are the three smart alloy spheroids. The core element of tactilus's security capability is the micromachined washer that houses and protects the electronic circuit.

Technology Resistive
Activation Gap 10 mils
Sensing Points 3
Total Sensing Area Customizable to application
Scan Speed Up to 100 hertz
OD Variable from 0.52 in (1.32 cm)
ID Variable from 0.11 in (0.28 cm)
Thickness 14 mils (0.35 mm)

The Tactilus® load washer sensor system comes equipped with everything you need for your analysis: the sensor element, electronics controller and Windows-based software.