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Press Release: Textile World

DigiNip® Provides Breakthrough in Narrow Nip Roller Alignment

MADISON, N.J., April 30, 2010 -- Sensor Products Inc. introduces DigiNip®, an economical hand-held device that transforms the way nip measurements are obtained for small printing and coating rollers. With DigiNip® even a first-time user can instantly and precisely measure spot nip (the contact point between rollers) at any section of a web or sheet fed process. When the unit's two durable sensor elements are placed between two contacting rollers that are subjected to pressure, nip width readings are immediately displayed on the device. Real-time roller adjustments for parallelism can then be made quickly and conveniently while the sensors are in the nip.

Unlike traditional methods of measurement - such as inking rollers and carbon paper - that are time consuming and often inaccurate, DigiNip® is clean, reliable, and convenient. Nip width readings are revealed immediately while the nip is closed leading to significant time savings

"Our goal was to provide printers and other web-based industries with a maintenance instrument that can economically diagnose planarity issues and fit in the palm of their hand," says Jeffrey G. Stark, CEO of Sensor Products Inc. "DigiNip® represents the culmination of years of research in nip measurement."

DigiNip® can be used on small rolls, printers, coaters, laminators, and production rolls. As a quality control and maintenance tool, it extends roller life thereby decreasing costs. Deformations caused by improper nip width are reduced. Product quality is also improved.

The unit includes the hand-held device, two sensor elements, cables, AA batteries and a water resistant carrying case.

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