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Article: Printing World


Real-Time Nip Width SensingUS-based firm Sensor Products has launched its handheld nip reader to assist operators with colour management and quality standards. The device aims to take quick and accurate measurements of nips in order to assess roller alignment and minimize the risk of maintenance and productions problems.

The battery-operated tool, which can be used to measure both press and laminator rollers, has been designed to provide immediate spot readings of nip widths for rollers less than im in length. The machine features just three buttons, an LCD screen and a sensor to ensure that readings are carried out as quickly as possible and that no machine set-up is required.

The system monitors roller alignment and helps to maintain equipment and extend the lifespan of rollers. It can also assist printers in meeting ISO quality standards by recording accurate readings. It can be used as a colour management tool and also helps to prevent damage to substrates by ensuring too much pressure isn't placed on the sheet.

When the device is held between two rollers, its sensor measures the distance between them by applying a controlled resistance. Distances are measured in millimeters and P-Nip® can accurately take readings between 0 - 12.5mm within one decimal point.

P-Nip® can record and store up to eight different point readings to allow comparisons to be made quickly. This means that users can measure the nip at different points on the roller to assess contact across its whole width.