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Sensor Products Debuts Nip-Measuring Kit

Sensor Products debuts nip-measuring kit Sensor Products has dammed to have developed the world's first handheld device for measuring nip widths.

The P-Nip® is designed to take measurements on rolls of less than 1m and spaced between 1.6mm and 12.7mm.

The PDA-sized device features an LCD display with a sensor 'finger' that is inserted between the rolls to take spot measurements across the width, alerting the user to any cases where the nip is not set up correctly.

The P-Nip® induces enough memory to store measurements for future reference.

The company came up with the device working with paper giant Metso.

The initial set of devices sold out when released a month ago, according to the manufacturer, which now wants to start commercial production of the P-Nip®.

"It's a problem that's been plaguing the industry for years," a spokesperson told

Nips that are set up incorrectly can lead to registration problems, issues with the application of coatings, misfeeds and distortion, while correctly aligned rolls extend the life of these units.

“Printers, converters, and manufacturers of other processes where webs are conveyed between rolls have long been seeking an inexpensive and portable means to quickly measure nip," said Sensor Products chief executive Jeffrey G Stark. "P-Nip® directly addresses this need."