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Nip Width Spot Readings For Metre Long Rollers

Instant nip width spot readings for rollers less than 39’ (one metre) long are now claimed to be possible with the P-Nip® from Sensor Products.

The handheld portable electronic system is said to allow the capture of nip readings at multiple points across the roller sets' face length (cross direction) as determined by the user. It is designed for nips that are one sixteenth of and inch to half an inch (16mm to 127mm). Similar in size to a PDA. P-Nip® consists of an LCD display with a small replaceable sensor finger that extends from the top

Recording the spot values involves inserting the sensor finger in to the nip and P-Nip's memory allows the user to store readings for later comparison and evaluation.

Sensor Products said that P-Nip® is said to be suitable for nip measurements of plus or minus two per cent.

Readings can be recorded within a few seconds with no set-up time required.

The company added that nip measurement is imperative to perform proper roller alignment and to extend roller cover life.

Cost savings can be realized by maintaining proper roller alignment by virtue of improved yield as well as extended cover life.

“Printers and label and carton converters, for instance, where webs are conveyed between rollers have been seeking an inexpensive and portable means to quickly measure nip.” said Jeffrey G Stark chief executive officer of Sensor Products, “P-Nip® directly addresses this need.”