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Article: OptoForce sensors make a difference in tough environments

Military-Inspired Sensors Outperform Competing Technologies

OptoForce OMD 30mm, 1600 N, Flat Top is a high performance sensor created for heavy duty environments. Originally designed for a US army project to develop walking robots, the OptoForce sensor has several advantages over strain-gauge load cells. Typical strain-gauge load cells often break under the high dynamic loads and building an overload protection for such sensors would be prohibitively expensive.

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OptoForce sensors can safely deform by a few millimetres, which means building a hard stop as a mechanical overload protection is quite easy and economical. Additionally, these sensors can measure shear forces, which wasnt possible with earlier transducers. They have an overload protection of up to 600 percent and are resistant against chemicals, dust and water.

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