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Article: Mechanical Engineering

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Heat sink sensor

SENSOR PRODUCTS INC., MADISON, N.J. The new Tactilus® heat-sink analysis system enables engineers to test and correct the surface contact and pressure distribution between a heat sink and its source. Tactilus® maps and measures the changing pressure distribution between the mating surfaces and processes the data in Windows-based software that: creates pressure vs. time graphs and histograms; performs 2-D, 3-D, and 360-degree image rendering and region-ofinterest scaling; displays maximum, minimum, and average pressures and does force integrations; prepares reports for export in Excel, ASCII, or Access formats. The sensor is flexible and is 0.015-in. thick (0.38 mm), allowing it to be placed between the CPU and heat sink without affecting the assembly. It has 625 resistive sensing points arrayed on a 25 25 grid in a sensing area 2 in. 2 in. The scan speed is up to 1,000 Hz.