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Article: Process Engineering Control & Maintenance

Pressure-Indicating Sensor Film Maps and Measures Pressure Inconsistencies in Gaskets and Bolted Joints

Pressure distribution across a gasketed interface using Pressurex sensor film

Pressurex®, a tactile pressure indicating sensor film from Sensor Products Inc., quickly and accurately measures surface pressure distribution and magnitude between any mating or contacting surfaces.

In bolted joint and gasket/C-ring seal assemblies, it profiles interfacial contact, showing precisely how surfaces engage and deform under stress to create sealing flaws. In hydraulics and pneumatics, it improves fluid power by diagnosing current and potential leakage areas in fittings, couplers and connectors.

Pressurex® comes in the form of a thin flexible Mylar coated sheet or roll. It detects surface pressures from 0. 14 to 3,000kg/cm² (2 to 43,200 PSI). When subjected to pressure, the film instantaneously changes color directly proportional to the actual pressure applied. Precise pressure magnitude is easily determined by comparing the resultant color intensity to a color correlation chart (conceptually similar to interpreting Litmus paper).

Contact pressures of clamps, welding heads, presses and nip rolls can also be measured.