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Article: Today's Medical Developments

Surface pressure-indicating sensor film ideal for ensuring proper sealing and alignment

Sensor Products introduces Pressurex®, a thin flexible sensor film that instantaneously and permanently reveals pressure distribution and magnitude between any two contacting surfaces. Pressurex® maps and measures pressure distribution from 2 - 43,200 PSI (0.14 - 3,000 kg/cm²). A new pressure range called Pressurex® Extreme Low reveals contact pressure from 7.2 - 28 PSI (0.5 - 1.97kg/cm²) which will have clinical and research applications.

Pressurex® is a convenient medium for measuring interfacial stresses at joint surfaces, both physiological and prosthetic. It is thin enough to conform to curvaceous surface and can be laser cut by Sensor Products to specific shapes and dimensions. It is useful for revealing the pressure distribution of joint and bone interfaces, and for measuring impact force in gait analysis and weight bearing responses on prosthesis. Research Papers and Orthopedic Journals have referenced Pressurex® as a means to measure knee and hip joint contact pressures related to clinical conditions and surgical procedures.

When placed between contacting surfaces, the film instantaneously and permanently changes color. This color change is directly proportional to the actual pressure applied. Precise pressure magnitude is easily determined by comparing the resultant color intensity to a color correlation chart (conceptually similar to interpreting Litmus paper). Further imaging of Pressurex® is available through the Topaq® Force Distribution System which provides three dimensional topographical images, histograms, line scans, and zoom features for in-depth statistical and visual analysis. Topaq® can be purchased, leased or the image analysis can be done in-house by Sensor Products.