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Prescale Fuji Film

Prescale is a pressure indicating sensor film that is manufactured by Fujifilm and distributed by Sensor Products Inc. under the trade name Fujifilm Prescale®. Prescale Fuji Film can precisely measure pressure and pressure distribution. Red patches will appear on the film wherever contact pressure is applied. The color intensity varies according to the amount of contact pressure. As the pressure increases, the color intensity increases.

There are two types of Prescale. Mono-sheet type is composed of a polyester base on which the color-developing material is coated, with the micro-encapsulated color-forming material layered on top. Two-sheet type is composed of two polyester bases. One is coated with a layer of micro-encapsulated color forming material and the other with a layer of the color-developing material. Use the two films by facing the coated sides toward each other. Figures 1 and 2 illustrate the two Prescale types. The mono-sheet type is used for high-pressure applications, and the two-sheet type for low-pressure applications.

mono sheet prescale structure two-sheet structure
Fig 1: Mono-sheet Prescale Structure Fig 2: Two-sheet Prescale Structure

prescale types
Fig 3: Prescale Types Available on Rolls

prescale types
Fig 4: Prescale Types Available in Sheetse

The use of Prescale Fuji Films mono-sheet is illustrated in Figures 5. First, cut the desired amount of Prescale. Second, insert Prescale into the desired location to be measured. Press the assembly together and then remove the Prescale sheet. The pressure distribution is indicated on the Prescale sheet in red.

mono sheet
Fig 5: Using Prescale Mono-sheet in Roll Form