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Fujifilm Prescale - Photovoltaic Cells

Pressure Measurement Film

PRESCALE Application Example



Setting the pressure bonding device for bonding conductive film in photovoltaic cells

Measured Object

Pressure bonding device for conductive film in photovoltaic cells


The conductive film,once bonded,cannot be removed;failure in pressure bonding lesds to the failure of the product itself.To prevent pressure binding failures,Prescale is used to check the pressure uniformity before bonding the conductive film with the pressure bonding device.

Use example

Checking the pressure balance of the heat bar

Product used

Prescale (Super low pressure LLW,Ultra super low pressure LLLW)

Prescale film is inserted between the heat bars and pressure is applied.The pressure balance on the heat bar is checked by observing the color developed on the Prescale film.

Result (images)

Benefits of Prescale

Failure in pressure bonding is reduced, leading to the improvement of yield rate and product quality.

The pressure bonding device is adjusted more accurately and the pressure application is more uniform and standardized.

Saving the daily records of pressure bonding makes it easier to find a cause when an error occurs.