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Fujifilm Prescale - Multilayer Ceramics Devices

Manufacture of multilayer ceramic condensers, ceramic substrates and packages, PCBs, electronic components for automobiles and mobile phones
Checking mold contact evenness and pressure uniformity of laminating or stacking machines
Multilayer ceramic devices are manufactured by overlaying numerous paste-covered green sheets on which electrodes are printed, and then contact bonding the sheets together using a stacking machine. This process requires extremely high precision, to avoid changes in electrical characteristics due to problems of poor adhesion or non-uniform thickness, and to avoid electrical connection failures due to displacement of the electrode pattern. In addition, when the sheets are thin, non-contact areas tend to occur during stacking, making it necessary to check the mold contact even more stringently. Furthermore, as multilayer products become larger and larger over time, ensuring a uniform pressure balance is increasingly difficult. For this reason, adjusting the displacement and inclination of the stacking machine molds to ensure a uniform pressure balance before sheet stacking, has become an issue of the highest priority.
Product used: (Super Low Pressure LLW, Low Pressure LW, Medium Pressure MW & MS )
Without rotating the rolls, the Prescale is nipped and pressure uniformity is checked according to the width of the colored lines.
Check the evenness of the Prescale's coloring to determine whether the pressure applied to the molds is uniform, whether there is any displacement of inclination, or uneven pressure between the molds.
If there is uneven pressure, adjust the machine and then insert another piece of Prescale to check the pressure balance once again.
[Not good]
Higher yield, higher quality, and higher precision
Less time needed to analyse defects
Less deviation between individual products

Without using Prescale
Stacking mold contact cannot be checked or adjusted, resulting in lower yield and higher deviation between individual products. In addition, analysis is time-consuming when a defect occurs.
Using Prescale
Stacking mold contact can be checked and adjusted, resulting in higher yield and less deviation between individual products. In addition, less time required for analysis when a defect occurs.