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Fujifilm Prescale - Manufacturing

Manufacturing (e.g., bonding equipment/MEMS/silicon wafers/compound semiconductors/CMOS image sensors)
Checking pressure uniformity during heat fixing
"Wafer bonding" is a process for creating devices by bonding together two (or more) wafers or substrates. In recent years the main method for doing this has been thermobonding. In this method, the precision of contact bonding is highly dependent on the applied pressure. Even with MEMS, if the pressure applied to bond the wafers or substrates is not constant, problems such as "defective sealing," "uneven bonding strength," and "pattern width unevenness" may occur.
Product used: Prescale (Extreme Low Pressure 4LW, Ultra Super Low Pressure LLLW)
Pressure Plate
Application 1
Without an object
Insert the Prescale between the pressure plates of the bonding equipment, apply pressure and then check the evenness of the pressure. In this way it is possible to check the evenness of the bonding device.
Application 2
With an object
Place the Prescale between the bond side of the objects, or between the object and pressure plate, apply pressure and then check the evenness of the pressure. In this way it is possible to check the evenness of the object.
Application 1
[Measurement result A]
Coloring is uniform over the bonding surface., confirming that the pressure was even.
Application 2
[Measurement result B]
Coloring is not uniform when the work is inserted, confirming that the pressure on the work is uneven.
Prescale can prevent the occurrence of defects in wafer bonds produced by the thermobonding process. At the same time, in the event that a problem occurs, Prescale can help to identify the cause of the problem because it enables corroborative measurement information to be obtained simply and rapidly.
Higher efficiency in designing thermobonding units
Verification of thermobonding uniformity
Faster, easier analysis if defects occur

Without using Prescale
When a bonding defect occurs, time is lost and extra labor is needed investigating and correcting the problem.
Using Prescale
The state of the bonding surface can be checked quickly and easily, saving time and labor in investigating and correcting problems.