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EZ-Nip® Impression Paper

EZ-Nip® impression paper positioned in between nip rollers

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With any paper making and converting machinery, uneven nip rollers cause web handling waste and yield deficiencies. Non-uniform nips usually lead to wrinkles, web breaks and other troubles. For a system maintenance engineer, identifying these little problems with big consequences can be difficult and time consuming. EZ-Nip®, a thin color changing pressure activated paper, is an easy and efficient troubleshooting tool that can quickly be put to the task of detecting problem areas.

EZ-Nip® determines the actual static nip width between two mating rolls. The paper immediately changes color upon the application of pressure, enabling the user to easily analyze/measure the nip "footprint" (nip width) both visually or, for more intense scrutiny, with a ruler or micrometer. This measurement then allows the technician to adjust roll pressures accordingly to achieve the proper nip alignment.

EZ-Nip® is an extremely economical and practical solution for determining proper crowns, roll parallelism and alignment, and symmetrical loading. EZ-Nip® is a self contained single sheet system making it useable by just one person, and can easily be encased for waterproofing purposes. EZ-Nip® is strictly designed for measuring nip width.

Thickness 4 mils (0.1016 mm)
Humidity Range 10-90% RH
Pressure Minimum 350 PSI (70 kg/cm²)