Tactilus® Free Form Pressure Sensor Pad

New Sensor Significantly Improves Surface Contact Pressure Data Collection

Tactilus Free Form is a "user constructed" tactile surface pressure measurement system with unprecedented flexible pressure sensor pads that allow the user to select precise locations where they require contact surface pressure data collection rather than being constrained by typical "matrix" sensors of traditional fixed surface sensor skin technologies. Designed for multi-axis or curvaceous topographies, the Tactilus Free Form pressure sensor pad allows engineers to collect and assimilate data from up to thirty-two separate sensor elements simultaneously, at desired locations on an application surface to maximize data collection efficiency and value. This new approach to tactile surface pressure sensor pad mapping maintains data integrity and usefulness while allowing engineers the ability to construct their own sensor “matrix.”

Benefits of Using the Tactilus® Free Form Pressure Sensor pad

  • Reveal parallelism
  • Reveal gaps, flaws and unevenness
  • Indicate consistent compressive force across interfacing surfaces
  • Determine precisely how force is distributed at your contacting surfaces
  • Quantifie exactly how much force is occurring

Tactilus Free Form® Sensors

pressure sensor pad
Free Form Pressure Sensor Array Shapes and Sizes

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