Client Testimonials

Kraft - Testimonial

Company: Kraft

"We are using the system with success."

Merck - Testimonial

Company: Merck

"The product training went very well - your salesperson did a great job!"

Siemen's - Testimonial

Company: Siemen's

"The report looks very good and exactly what I had asked for."

 CryoLife - Testimonial

Company: CryoLife

"Thanks so much for staying late and expediting my shipment.I really appreciate it! You have outstanding customer service."

Motioncheck - Testimonial

Company: Motioncheck

"We've used the foot pressure mapping sensor system for several years now in various applications. It continues to be accurate and consistent in other words, highly reliable!."

BigSky Technologies LLC - Testimonial

Company: BigSky Technologies LLC

"The product worked great... Our only regret was not knowing about your product two weeks sooner... Many thanks for your guidance and help."

Link Engineering Company - Testimonial

Company: Link Engineering Company

"Thank you for providing the Fujifilm material for our testing. The product worked well and was easy to use. Thank you for the great customer support; I will recommend you as a source for future internal and external testing."

Horton - Testimonial

Company: Horton

"The Film worked out well and I am glad we made the purchase. However, it told me that we needed to repair the mold. I am taking a hit on mold repair costs, but the other side of the coin, the problem has been discovered and we are making progress in correcting it."

Alcon - Testimonial

Company: Alcon

"The film was wonderful! It allowed me to obtain uniform pressure distribution on a 4-unit blister sealer at room temperature, so that I could work on the equipment. Later running at the design spec of 295F, we achieved consistent, uniform seals across all four blisters, which was not happening before. Troubleshooting and repair are both difficult at high temperatures.When the previous sealing unit was being installed, I was told it took a couple of months and thousands of blisters to achieve proper seals at all four locations. With your film, the same process took just a week. Thank you very much for your quick service. Your pressure-sensing films are excellent!"

North America - Testimonial

Company: North America

"FujiFilm Prescale worked fine as we expected, and I want to thank you for the help you provided by converting some of our data. If we have similar situation in the future, we'll not hesitate to contact you. Thanks again!"

Johnson Controls - Testimonial

Company: Johnson Controls

"The pressure film worked great. I had an application where I was wetting out the adhesive on a door panel bolster by pulling down a latex bladder with a vacuum. I knew I was getting enough pressure in the flat areas but I wanted to confirm that I was also getting even pressure in the concave areas. The film I used showed an even shade of pink. At this time, there is no need to analyze it any further but I might expand the project in the future."

Smith&Newphew - Testimonial

Company: Smith&Newphew

"Results came out great. Ran the statistics and couldn't have asked for better results."

Becton, Dickinson and Company - Testimonial

Company: Becton, Dickinson and Company

"The pressure film is working great. The information on your website was really helpful."

Great Lakes Cheese - Testimonial

Company: Great Lakes Cheese

"The film allowed us to correct a sealing issue that even the lead engineer for the equipment manufacturer could not identify! Needless to say, it helped us to get out of the woods & increase speed by 60%. Im now a believer!"

GSI Technologies, LLC - Testimonial

Company: GSI Technologies, LLC

"The pressure film is working great for us and has helped us successfully troubleshoot a critical process problem."

Boston Scientific - Testimonial

Company: Boston Scientific

"We successfully solved our sealing issue, where the pressure indicating film had a main role in the investigation. We are actually using the pressure indicating film on a low frequency as it has become our last control."

Sunnen Products Company - Testimonial

Company: Sunnen Products Company

"We were able to detect a significant flaw in the mating of two surfaces that are very important to our manufacturing process, with your pressure sensitive film. We made a small modification to improve our operation, but we have to do more work in the future to improve the contact between these surfaces. We feel that the film worked very well."

Procter and Gamble - Testimonial

Company: Procter and Gamble

"I really appreciate the help you've given me. I needed a product from your company and you helped me identify exactly what would work."

American Axle & Manufacturing, Inc - Testimonial

Company: American Axle & Manufacturing, Inc

"We received the pressure film promptly and everything is great. We appreciate your fast response and courteous service."

Teradyne Inc - Testimonial

Company: Teradyne Inc

"Yes, the pressure film we purchased worked great. We were able to collect the data we were looking for to better understand our issue."

Thermal Form and Function - Testimonial

Company: Thermal Form and Function

"The film worked as designed. We were able to determine process corrections based on the impression finger prints of film, which is exactly what your product is to enable."

Link Engineering Company - Testimonial

Company: Link Engineering Company

"Your product worked well and was suitable for our needs to verify contact patterns under the specific test conditions. Thank you for your support and quality product."

TJ Green Associates, LLC. - Testimonial

Company: TJ Green Associates, LLC.

"Ive used your products... I think they are great. In my field of microelectronics I can imagine a million uses."

Confidential - Testimonial

Company: Confidential

"The film helped me find the spot with the highest temperature between the two surfaces so I think it is safe to say that the product performed as expected."

Mars, Incorporated - Testimonial

Company: Mars, Incorporated

"The film worked out great. We are currently retooling the v-rope sealer and will be using the sealer with another pressure film test soon after. Thanks again for your help. "

U.S. Gear Tools, Incorporated  - Testimonial

Company: U.S. Gear Tools, Incorporated

"The film, in conjunction with the FEA, showed the new tool design to be vulnerable to breaking with overload. "

Ancera - Testimonial

Company: Ancera

"Pressure film is unbelievably good and has already largely solved the problem were using it to solve."

Pactiv - Testimonial

Company: Pactiv

"The product worked as expected and helped solve the issue I was working on. "

Berry Plastics Corporation - Testimonial

Company: Berry Plastics Corporation

"The film actually worked very well. So well that our engineers were able to realize that some raised lettering on the bottom of the pail / bucket was the feature causing the cracking we had found. We were able to eliminate this feature by welding the mold and have not had a crack since."

Jefferson Rubber Works Inc. - Testimonial

Company: Jefferson Rubber Works Inc.

"The paper works very well to help us correct shut-off problems with our molds as they arise"

Eltek Ltd - Testimonial

Company: Eltek Ltd

"We use Pressurex-micro Green pressure paper to assess the nip profile in the hot-roll laminators that we use, as part of our printed circuit board production. We use this pressure paper regularly once a month to check that our pressure profiles are uniform; as well as following a change of our lamination rolls to check that they are parallel. SPI's pressure paper is a great diagnostic tool that easily allows us to monitor our process window. It gives us a clear go/no-go result, helping us to decide if maintenance work is required before we reach a break-down situation. It's easy to use and simple to understand, so that even common operators can be tasked to carry out this test. All-in-all we are very pleased with this product and have integrated it into our production process monitoring procedures. "

ITT Friction Technologies - Testimonial

Company: ITT Friction Technologies

"I 've used your product for investigation of problems in our process where there were no other viable answers from our engineers."

Catalent Pharma Solutions - Testimonial

Company: Catalent Pharma Solutions

"We are using the film on a regular basis and it's perfect for the application."

Folgers Coffee - Testimonial

Company: Folgers Coffee

"Thanks for the help with testing. It definitely helped show the difference between the two caps we are testing. That was one piece of information that gave us confidence to switch to the "v seal" cap."

Philips Medical Systems - Testimonial

Company: Philips Medical Systems

"Topaq can be a lifesaver, and has helped me come up with several new techniques for analysis and design."

Coveris - Testimonial

Company: Coveris

"I used the Thermoscale Film for the first time and it worked Great to pin point cold sections on a defective seal bar. "

TE Connectivity Ltd. - Testimonial

Company: TE Connectivity Ltd.

"I have tested your pressure film with successful results. I followed the instructions and did not have any problems with this test."