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Tactilus vs. Prescale

Analogy   Like a "Movie"   Like a "Photograph"
Product Name  
Suited For   Your two surfaces contact and continue to move and require pressure data capture throughout an interval or time.   Your two surfaces contact and you simply require to get a "snapshot" of the maximum contact pressure between those two surfaces.
Principle   Electronic Piezo-Resistive Sensor Element   Chemically Reactive Sheet
Longevity   Sensor elements are reusable. Potential for hundreds of uses.   Film is one time use. Archivable or disposable
Cost   $5,000+   ±US $60 per linear foot (30 cm x 27 cm)
Pressure Range   0.1 - 200 PSI (0.007 - 14.1 kg/cm2)   7 different pressure ranges from 8 - 43,200 PSI (0.6 - 3,000 kg/cm2)
Calibration   Pre-calibrated and subsequently calibrateable by user   Pre-calibrated
Spatial Resolution   From 0.8 in2 (2 mm)   10,000 pixels per in2 (1,550 per cm2)
Data Delivery   Digital with results in Windows®   Visual Observation
Accuracy   ±10%   ±10% visually, ±2% using Topaq®
Primary Material(s)   Mylar, Polyimide, Urethane, fabric   Mylar
Maxiumum Temperatures   120º F (49º C)   Up to 400º F (204º C) For brief exposure
Archival Capability   Standard Windows® File Format   Sensor material permanently captures pressure profile.
Max. Physical Dimension   203 cm by 73 cm (80 x 29 in)   No Limit
Reaction Speed   1/100 second   1/10,000 second
Comformability   Up to 2-axis bending   1-axis bending
Thickness   0.1 mm - 0.15 mm   0.16 mm