Test Device Gel 210TX

test device gel210tx
Test Device Gel 210TX

Field of Application

This device serves to check encoders with square-wave signal-outputs with the following signal shapes:


operating voltage - UB = 5 V DC + 5 %
current consumption - max. 35 mA

V, VN, X, XN

operating voltage - UB = 10 ... 30 V DC
current consumption - 40 ... 80 mA


Each signal output of the encoder is checked for its ability to deliver a valid high or low signal. This is acknowledged by either the red or the green LED. One output is loaded with approx. 2.8 k against 0 V and against UB. The low level must not be higher than 20 % of the operating voltage. High level must be at least 80 % of the operating voltage. If the signal levels are not correct or there is no output signal at all (e.g. a failure of contact), the corresponding LED is off. For the signal shape V there is no display for the inverse signals (lower row of LEDs).


The encoder to be tested needs to be fed via the testing device GEL 210.

Pin layout and Type Code

test device gel210tx pinlayout
Pin Layout

test device gel210tx type code