LogiPanel Gel 8819


LogiPanel GEL 8819

General Information

The LogiPanel GEL 8819 is intended for operation and monitoring of the LD 2000 servoconverter.

  • editing of converter parameters
  • selection of travel sequences
  • start/stop from keypad
  • direct entry of position/length and speed
  • inching mode /manual travel control from keypad
  • plain-text programming language LB-Flex, based on IEC 1131-3 „structured text“
  • Windows PG 8819 programming environment with standard software source texts


The user terminal is housed in a steel sheet enclosure for installation into control panels with front dimensions of 160 mm x 160 mm and a depth of 57 mm.

The sealed membrane keypad is extremely user-friendly with its 18 mm x 18 mm keys and slide-in marking labels which can be easily adapted to customer-specific needs. A large, backlit LCD display ensures easy reading even under adverse lighting conditions. The display contrast can be adjusted to individual requirements.

Serial Interfaces

The user has the choice between two serial RS 232 or RS 485 interfaces and a CAN bus interface for connection to the servoconverter.

Supply voltage 18 ... 30 V DC, 15 ... 26 V AC
Current input approx. 0.7 A
RS 232 C galvanically separated, selectable rates between 9600 and 19200 baud, 8 data bits, even parity, 1 stop bit
RS 485 galvanically separated, selectable rates between 9600 and 19200 baud, 8 data bits, even parity, 1 stop bit, terminating resistor can be enabled internally
CAN bus galvanically separated, 500 kbaud, 120 O terminating resistor can be enabled internally
Number of inputs 4
Logic levels low: 0 ... + 5 V; high: +15 ... +30V
Climatic application classification KWF acc. to DIN 40040
Operating temperature 0°... +50°C
Storage temperature -20°C ... +80°C
Relative air humidity up to 95%, no moisture condensation
Electromagnetic compatibility (mounting instructions observed)
Electromagnetic emissions EN 50081-1
Electromagnetic immunity EN 50082-2
The GEL 8819 complies with European Directive 89/336/EEC and bears the CE sign.
Display unit
Display 4-line 20-character LCD display with yellow backlighting
Height of lines 9 mm (8 x 5 dot matrix)
Length of lines 120 mm
Material powder-coated steel sheet housing
Weight approx. 0.5 kg
Type of protection according to DIN 40050
Front side IP 65
Rear side IP 20

Standard programming

The LP 2000 standard software consists of a program in LB-Flex written for the LogiPanel GEL 8819 terminal. The LogiPanel 8819 is supplied ready for immediate use with the servoconverter without any need for further programming.

The source text of the LP 2000 standard software together with the Windows programming environment PG 8819 can be downloaded free of charge from the Lenord+Bauer homepage in the Internet (also available on CD-ROM against payment of a moderate charge).


Type code and Dimensions

Type Code

Mains transformer GEL 7923
Adaptor for connection of the servoconverter for simultaneous use of the RS 232 and CAN bus interfaces in connector X6 of the servoconverter AA 121.1
Connecting cable between operator terminal and servoconverter, 1 m ALC 121.1


PG 8819 and LP 2000 on CD-ROM
LP 2000 on disk

Free programming

The LogiPanel GEL 8819 can be programmed in the LBFlex plain-text programming language which is based on IEC standard 1131-3, „Structured text“.

The plain-text programming language makes use of natural language elements which - when used in conjunction with some basic rules - will lead in a short time to executable programs.

Applications can therefore be programmed in a clear and almost self-explaining way by means of the simple and more complex instructions required for LogiPanel programming.

The LB-Flex language makes use, among other things, of elements and notations used in algebra and in higher programming languages and offers the possibility of not only checking an input status, but also of performing the complex calculation of nominal positions.

Programming language elements

  • mnemonic and symbolic variables representing the following types of data: bit, byte, word, dword and pointer
  • constants and symbolic constants
  • arithmetical and logical operators, bit and address operators
  • sequence control instructions and program structuring instructions
  • mathematical functions
  • conversion functions
  • operating and monitoring functions
  • specific device functions
  • travelling and positioning functions
  • access functions for converter variables
  • INCLUDE instructions operating on definition and library files

The use of symbolic variables and constants with userdefined denominations ensures perfect transparency of your programs.

File manager for standard programming
Parameter editor with online help
Parameter editor with online help



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