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Linear Scale Gel 176

Linear Scale Gel 176
Linear Scale Gel 176

General Information

The pressure-proof linear scale GEL 176 - made of stainless steel - was conceived for the direct use in a hydraulic cylinder. It is furthermore suited for the external installation into industrial automation lines. This linear scale offers the user the following important advantages:

  • a long service life due to the contactless and wearless measuring of position magnets
  • direct, digital synchronous serial output (SSI) or direct analogue current or voltage output
  • there is a homogeneous supply voltage of 24 V
  • for lengths up to 7,600 mm
  • resolution up to 5 m (SSI) and 16 bits (analogue)

Output Signals

The absolute information on the travelled path is supplied either digitally or analogue. The digital transmission is performed in Gray-Code, so that a simple cabling is ensured and the transmission security rises. Various current/voltage outputs are available as analogue output signals.

Measuring principles

The tried and tested measuring principle was further improved. It is the running time of the torsion pulse that is measured and which is proportional to the distance between an internal start signal and a stop signal. The torsion emerges from the interaction of two magnetic fields under the position magnet. The running time is the absolute measure up to the position of the magnet and is transformed into a digital or analogue output signal.

Technical Data

Sensor Analogue SSI
sensor head aluminium die casting
protection class IP 65
sensor tube with flange stainless steel
pressure resistance 350 bar
protection class IP 67
installation thread M18 x 1.5
assembly fitting position any
connection type plug or cable connection
measuring length 50 ... 7600 mm in 50 mm steps
resolution 25 m or 16 Bit 5 m
linear tolerance (non-corrected) < 0,02 %*, min. 50 m (independent of influences of temperature from outside) < 0,01 %*, min. 40 m (independent of influences of temperature from outside)
repeatability < 0,001 %*, min. 2,5 m
hysteresis < 4 m
voltage supply 24 V DC (+20 % /-15%)
power consumption 100 mA typ. 70 mA typ.
temperature coefficient < 40 ppm/C < 15 ppm/C
voltage sustaining capability 500 V
operating temperature -40 C ... +75 C
EMC (if the assembly instructions are observed)
electromagnetic emissions EN 50081-1
electromagnetic immunity EN 50082-2
shock protection 100 g (single shock) as per IEC 68-2-27
The linear scale GEL 176 is in strict conformity with Directive EMC 89/336/EEC of the European Union which is certified by the CE mark.
vibration protection 5 g /10 ... 150 Hz as per IEC 68-2-6
data format - Gray
data length - 25 bits
output signal
voltage 0 ... + 10 V or + 10 ... 0 V, RL≥ 5 kΩ -
current 0 ... +20 mA or +20 ... 0 mA
4 ... +20 mA or +20 ... 4 mA
burden 0 ... 500 Ω

* referring to the measuring length

Synchronous serial interface, Pin layouts

Synchronous serial interface

Principles of Serial Data transmission

Number of distance measurements per second
measuring length 150 300 500 750 1000 2000
measurements 10000 6600 4500 3300 2500 1400

Baud Rate

The transmission rate depends on the line length and reaches a maximum of 1.5 MBaud. Use screened cables with paired wires.

Cable Length <50 <100 <200 <400
clock frequency [kHz] <400 <300 <200 <100

Pin Layout (analogue)
6-pole plug or cable outlet

Pin Layout Analogue - Linear Scale Gel 176

Pin Layout (SSI)
7-pole plug or cable outlet

Pin Layout SSI - Linear Scale Gel 176

Dimensioned drawings, Type code

Dimension Drawing

Dimension Drawing - Linear Scale Gel 176

Type code

Type Code - Linear Scale Gel 176

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