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Incremental linear scale GEL 220/221


General Information

  • for the measuring of length up to 2000 mm (special length on request)
  • resolution due to edge evaluation 0.1 mm or 0.01 mm
  • with reference mark
  • protection class IP 66
  • corrosion and abraison resistant hard chrome-plated measuring rod
  • easy adjustment and mounting
  • dirt scraper on sensor housing
  • encapsulated measuring system
  • operating temperature range -20C ... + 85C
  • maintenance free

Design and Function

The linear measuring scales consists of a hard chrome-plated steel rod and an enclosed plastic measuring head made from durethan bkv 30h6011. They differ in the obtainable resolution of 0.1 mm for the GEL 220 and 0.01 mm for the GEL 221. The distance is measured through the housing wall, the measuring system operating with semiconductors which are controlled by magnetic fields.

Signal pattern VN


Two tracks with square-wave signals offset by 90. On the third track N (option) a reference signal with defined length is output.

Signal pattern T, TN, U, UN, X, XN

Both tracks and the reference signal (option) are additionally output as inverse signals.


Technical data according to DIN 32876/32878

  GEL 220 GEL 220
expansion co-efficient 12 μm/(K . m)
measuring force 5 N
nominal measuring speed 2 m/s
max. measuring speed 8 m/s 4 m/s
resolution 0.1 mm 0.01 mm
tolerance per m 0.1 mm 0.05 mm
incremental deviation 0.03 mm 0.003 mm
repeatability 0.01 mm 0.002 mm
position error upon reversal 0.01 mm 0.002 mm
operating treshold 0.135 mm 0.016 mm
max. pulse frequency 200 kHz
power consumption (RL = ∞ 1.1 W
ambient temperature range
according to DIN 32876
0 C ... + 70 C (standard)
-20 C ... + 85 C (option)
operating temperature range according to DIN 32876 -20 C ... + 85 C
storage temperature range
according to DIN 32876
-40 C ... + 105 C
protection class according to DIN 40050 IP 66
vibration protection according to IEC 68 part 2-27 frequency range peak acceleration frequency cycles 10 ... 2,000 Hz
100 m/s2
shock protection according to IEC 1,000 m/s2
duration 11 ms
insulation strength acc. to DIN 57660 part 500 (8.2.2) or VDE 0113 (13.1) Ri > 1 MΩ at a test voltage of 500 V
EMC EN 61000-6-1 to 4

EMC Technical data according to DIN 32876/32878 The linear measuring scale is in strict conformity with Directive EMC 89/336/EEC of the European Union and is therefore carries by the CE mark.




Type code

Mounting instructions

  • Mount the measuring head as shown in the dimensioned drawing. The reference signal may either be on the right or on the left side. Since the measuring sensor is symmetric, it can be inserted either from the right or from the left side.
  • If the enclosed trailing plate is used, any deviations which might occur in parallelism between the linear measuring scale and the machine can be compensated.
  • If the measuring head is connected to the machine by means of a mounting bracket, you should make sure that there is no bracing between the mounting bracket and the mounting point.
  • Should you need a special measuring length, the rod can be shortened by cutting it off at the unmarked end.

Avoid concentrated loads and strong impacts on the rod.

Maximum cable length
Between Linear Scale and following electronics. Cable screen should be earthed at receiver end only. All indicated values are guidelines with respect to cable type LiYCY 6 x 0.25 mm2.



Accessories (incl. in the scope of supply)
Mounting set GEL 234 consisting of:
1 Plug socket SG 220
2 Mounting pedestals BB 220
1 Mounting bracket MW 220
1 Trailing plate SB 220
4 Mounting screws M4 x 8 (for mounting the trailing plate or the mounting bracket onto the measuring head)
10 Crimp contacts CK 220.

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