EcoController GEL 8180 Camshaft gear

gel 8180

EcoController GEL 8180

Design and Construction

The camshaft gear is based on our EcoController and is designed for installation in a switch cabinet. It can be operated individually or cross-linked. At the core of the EcoController hardware is a fast 16-bit microprocessor and a powerful peripheral ASIC developed especially for the demands of motion automation. The housing is made of sheet metal (Zincor). The electronic camshaft gear has significant advantages over mechanical solutions:

  • short change-over times
  • easy adjustment
  • no operating cycle
  • no contact bouncing
  • no mechanical wear
  • no maintenance

Range of application
The electronic camshaft gear can be used wherever mechanical solutions are to be replaced. Examples for applications are:

  • paper making machines, packaging machines and coiling machines
  • steel works and rolling mill technique
  • presses and automatic punching machines
  • materials handling and storing technique
  • mechanical treatment machinery

Example for application:
Control of a bag filling machine
In order for a machine to fill bags with granulate, 7 different operations are necessary. They are repeated in a cycle (see diagram). The position is recorded by an absolute encoder (resolution 1°). The cams have power outputs. Up to 99 different programmes are available for various bag sizes and types of granulate.



  • Up to 64 tracks
  • Up to 3584 variably adjustable cams
  • Up to 99 programmes
  • Input frequency-dependent displacement of cams (dynamic cam)
  • Short cycle time, 300 µs without dynamic cams
  • Temporary lock of individual tracks or track groups


Digital inputs/outputs
In the basic version, the Controller has

  • digital outputs
  • digital inputs (connectors E2, E3 are not assigned) All digital outputs operate with 24 V levels common in industry. All digital outputs are short-circuit proof and protected against polarity reversal. The output status of 24 outputs can be displayed via 24 (programmable) LEDs.

Actual value acquisition
There are various encoder inputs available to record the actual values of rotation, distance, or angle:

  • one counting input for 5 V or 24 V incremental encoders
  • one SSI input for absolute encoders in Gray code (13 bit/25 bit)

Communications interfaces
The controllers can easily be cross-linked with the aid of two shunt-connected, 9-pin D-subminiature connectors. Available are:

  • two RS 485 and one RS 422/485 communications interfaces independent of one another (connector B1, B2)
  • one RS 232 interface (connector C)
  • PROFIBUS DP (connector P)
  • InterBus-S (connector I)


Field bus
The input and output of process data (nominal/actual values) and all control signals, as well as parametering can also be carried out via the PROFIBUS or InterBus-S, which considerably reduces materials and wiring costs in comparison to conventional parallel communication.

The PROFIBUS module is an intelligent interface RS 485 (1 line pair) that can transfer data in accordance with DIN E 19245 part 3 (PROFIBUS DP). The maximum transfer rate is 1.5 MBaud. An InterBus-S module according to DIN E 19258 (2 line pairs) with the same functions may be used alternatively. Connectors A2 and A3 are replaced by two 9-pin P connectors or I connectors.

The distribution of the 3584 cams between the programmes and the paths can be determined by the individual user. Inputting the cams is carried out via the operator terminal. Still more convenient is using the BB 8180 „Operating + Observing“ PC programme to edit, store and load the cams into the controllers or to read them out from the controllers. Of course the controllers can also be configured via this programme.

The „Operating + Observing“ PC programme also allows you to carry out communication with an individually operated controller or with a complex controller network. An automatic backup function reads the data and configurations of all the controllers that are cross-linked and independently generates the files necessary for system management. The option of saving data onto storage media allows for a better overview of the diverse controller files. At the same time, the files can also be printed out.

System requirements for the BB 8180 PC programme

  • 80386 PC or higher (MS-DOS 3.30 or higher)
  • 3.5" floppy disk drive and hard disk drive
  • RS 232 interface

If you are cross-linking several controllers, your PC requires an RS 485 interface. If your PC does not have such an interface, then we can offer you the following solutions:

  • GEL 89010 V 24 / RS 485 converter incl. power supply unit
  • GEL 89011 V 24 / RS 485 converter with electrical signal isolation incl. power supply unit, GEL 8810 operator terminal

GEL 8810 operator terminal
The GEL 8810 operator terminal with front dimensions of 160 mm x 160 mm is designed for operation and observation in close proximity to the controller. The 18 mm x 18 mm quick stroke keys can be labelled with user-specific insertion strips.

The high-illumination, high-contrast display has an alphanumeric LCD dot matrix display ( 4 x 20 characters, 8 mm high) with LED background lighting. The self-explanatory display text (bilingual) uses menus to guide the user through the programming of functions and operating values. In addition, there are also convenient editing features such as:

  • inserting cams or paths
  • copying cams or paths, even outside of programmes
  • deleting cams, paths, programs, units and the entire memory
  • scrolling through memory contents, etc.

With the EcoControllers, machine parameters and nominal value programmes can be edited or actual and nominal values can be visualized. Further information about the GEL 8810 operator terminal is available on a separate technical information.


Technical data


Pin Laypouts




8180-14 8180-15 8180-16

Dimensioned Drawings

8180-17 8180-18 8180-19

Type Code


PC software
Operating and Observing BB 8180
converter (V24/RS485) incl. supply unit GEL 89010
converter (V24/RS485) with galcanic signal separation incl. supply unit GEL89011
cable from converter to EcoController GEL89015
cable from EcoController to EcoController
  • transmitter/ receiver
GEL89016 SED
  • receiver/ receiver
GEL 89016 EED
cable from operator terminal GEL 8810 to Ecocontroller GEL 89019
connection cable RS 232C between PC and EcoController GEL 89022
D-type subminiature adapter"
  • 25-pole male to 9-pole female
GEL 89025
  • 25-pole male to 25-pole female
GEL 89026
  • 9-pole male to 9-pole female
GEL 89027
bus terminal connector (PROFIBUS DP) GEL 89030
mounting plate for mains transformer GEL 7922
mains transformer GEL7923
line filter with current-compensated chokes 250V~ GEl 7925

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