EcoController GEL 8130

gel 8130

EcoController GEL 8130

Function Description

The EcoController GEL 8130 is based on the positioning Controller GEL 8110, i.e. it has the same characteristics and functions. Consequently, the information supplied in the data sheet of the EcoController GEL 8110 applies to the GEL 8130 too.

The principle of a ‘’flying saw’’ is that one drive (saw) is synchronized with a second drive (material). As soon as both move parallely with the same speed, a sawing operation or any other operation can be performed at the apparently static material. Once the sawing operation is terminated (signal ‘’sawing operation completed) the saw carriage is returned to the start position where it awaits the new internally generated start for the synchronous run. The Controller calculates and optimizes the start moment using the desired material length and the speed of the drives; the minimization of wear of the drive during the sawing operation and when approaching the start position can be set.

If - in case of an internal start - the saw carriage is still not in start position because of a high material speed or a very short nominal length, this fact is ignored and the output ‘’cut loss’’ is selected.

To control a flying saw a unit is formed of 2 axes, the first being assigned to the saw drive and the second to a material drive.

After having been configured accordingly the material axis can be controlled and adjusted by the Controller. This, however, may as well be performed by a separate control. In this case only the encoder pulses must be supplied and some parameters in the Controller need to be adjusted for this axis.

Only an incremental encoder can be used for the material axis.

To obtain the desired length two operating modes can be used:

  • the nominal length processing
  • the mark detection

For the nominal length processing the length to be cut is preset in a nominal-value sentence. Even if different lengths are to be cut they can be preset in several sentences and processed one after the other. If required, piece numbers can be preset.

In the case of mark detection the desired length to be cut is detected by a sensor and the respective marks applied to the material.

Thus a synchronized cutting of the material can be ensured. The cut position may also be displaced into one or the other direction thanks to a programmable offset.

Control Principle

For the synchronization the drive is cyclically supplied with a newly calculated nominal value for the position. For approaching the start position the same control principle as in the GEL 8110 is applied.

The basic construction of a flying saw

Pin Layout

The pin layout is different from the one of the standard version GEL 8110. The divergences are printed in bold. For all other pin layouts please refer to the GEL 8110 data sheet.

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