Absolute Rotary Pulse Encoder GEL 2310

Absolute rotary encoder GEL 2310 Absolute Encoder GEL 2310

Rotary Pulse Encoder Features

  • Singleturn ST
  • Multiturn MT with volatile memory
  • High resolution ST up to 16 Bit
  • High accuracy 0.1
  • Clock rate: SSI upt to 2 MHz
  • Sin/Cos differential signals 1 Vpp with 128 periodes per revolution
  • Radial cable outlet
  • Dew-point-proof
  • Protection class up to IP 40
  • Measuring principle: magnetic, high resolution
  • Evaluation: Nonius-principle
  • Measuring scale: metallic measuring scale, nonius disk
  • Installation depth: 15 mm

General Absolute Encoder Information

The GEL 2310 series of singleturn absolute encoders delivers unique position values at every angular position via digital interfaces with a resolution of up to 16 bits. It also supports the optional output of sin/cos differential signals.

Compact Design

The absolute encoder exhibit a particularly compact design with an external diameter of 60 mm and a height of just 15 mm. It is ideal for integration in machinery. Two GEL 2310s can be used for redundant measuring to satisfy increased security requirements (presence of persons in the system's positioning range).

Robust Construction

  • The anodised aluminium housing is very resistant and fully encapsulated (IP 40).
  • The new metallic measuring scale (nonius disc) withstands high shock and vibration levels.
  • The hollow shaft has an internal diameter of up to 15 mm.
  • A new type of compact clamping ring provides torque support (patent pending) and minimises installation time.

Nonius algorithm

The measurement principle of the GEL 2310 series is based on the magnetic scanning of a new type of nonius disc made of ferromagnetic steel. Magnetoresistive sensors scan three tracks and deliver three corresponding sinusoidal signals. The phase position of these three sinusoidal signals is evaluated on the basis of the nonius principle with high resolution and accuracy, immediately delivering the absolute position.

Magnetic Measuring Principle

  • withstands high shock and vibration levels
  • not influenced by dirt or oil mist
  • long-term stability of temperature characteristics
  • full functionality in the presence of condensation: dew-point-proof
  • no aging of the magnetic sensor elements


The absolute rotary encoder supplies the position values in a binary or gray code via a fast SSI interface. In addition, it delivers high-interpolateable sin/cos differential signals with 1 Vpp signal level. The optional programming of code, resolution, counting direction and PRESET values is also possible. Dynamic motion processes can be securely controlled with 16-bit singleturn resolution and a high data rate up to 2 MHz for SSI mode. An optional feature permits the output of the number of revolutions. This multiturn function is based on a volatile memory that loses its content when de-energised. The feature is only available on request.

Technical Data

Incremental deviation < 0.01
Repeatability < 0.01
Accuracy 0.1 (better 11 Bit)
Electrical data
Voltage supply 10 to 30 V DC with reverse voltage protection
Interface SSI, SSI and Sin/Cos
SSI 60 kHz to 2 MHz (clock pulse space16 s)
Mechanical Data
Housing diameter 60 mm
Housing High 15 mm
Material aluminium anodised
Weight 200 g
Operating Speed 3,000 min-1 (Fr = 30 N); 6,000 min-1 (Fr = 5 N)
Shaft load axial 10 N
Shaft load radial 30 N
Bearing Life > 109 h at 1,000 min-1
Operating speed < 1 Ncm
Connection 9-cores cable, cable cross section 0.15 mm2, outside diameter 5 mm (-0.3 mm), min. bending radius 25 mm
Cable material halogen-free PUR (AWG 22)
Environmental data
Protection class IP 40
Shock protection (IEC 68, 2-27) 2000 m/s2, 11 ms
Vibration protection (IEC 68, 2-6) 200 m/s²
Working temperature -20 C to +85 C
Operating temperature -20 C to +85 C
Storage temperature -20 C to +85 C
Relative humidity of air max. 100 %
Condensation permissible
EMC according EN 61000-6-1 to -4
Insulation strength Ri > 1 MΩ at 500 V AC

Dimension Drawing Gel 2310

Absolute Encoder GEL 2310 Dimension drawing - Lenord & Bauer Rail Speed Sensors & Rotary Pulse Encoders

The diameter of the hollow shaft can be adjusted and other customer-specific modifications can be performed.

Pin Layout SSI, Sin/Cos

Cable Outlet SSI

Absolute Encoder GEL 2310 Cable Outlet SSI -  Lenord & Bauer Rail Speed Sensors & Rotary Pulse Encoders

Absolute Encoder GEL 2310 Pin Assignment -  Lenord & Bauer Rail Speed Sensors & Rotary Pulse Encoders

PRESET adjustment SSI

A PRESET value can be set in the absolute rotary encoder by applying VS to pink (t > 100 ms). ZERO is set as the default singleturn value (corresponds to a RESET).


The absolute rotary encoder GEL 235 transmits its position data via a fast Synchron-Seriell-Interface (SSI) with up to 2 MHz data rate using binary or Gray Code. With increasing data rate the allowed cable length using the SSI mode decreases (see table cable length) and a minimum pause time of 16 s is necessary before the next request for position data can be started.

Absolute Encoder GEL 2310 Principle of the serial data communication

Sin/Cos differential signal

For real-time control high interpolateable Sin/Cos differential signals 1 Vpp are supported.

Absolute Encoder GEL 2310 Sin/Cos differential

Cable Length

Using SSI protocol the allowed data rates are reduced as the cable length increases. It is recommended that the wires of Clock and Data are each in twisted pair configuration each while the cable is shielded.

Cable length/m Clockrate / kHz
< 50 < 400
< 100 < 300
< 200 < 200
< 400 < 100


Preliminary tension in the radial and axial directions can be minimised by using a flexible torque support. For further mounting material such as brackets, coupling equipment, etc. please refer to our technical information for the encoder accessories program.

Absolute Encoders GEL 2310 Torque Support -  Lenord & Bauer Rail Speed Sensors & Rotary Pulse Encoders

Type code GEL 2310

Absolute Encoder GEL 2310 Typecode -  Lenord & Bauer Rail Speed Sensors & Rotary Pulse Encoders

Additional resolutions or adaptations available on request.

Lenord & Bauer: Rail Speed Sensors & Rotary Pulse Encoder

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