Magnetic Absolute Rotary Pulse Encoder GEL 2035

GEL Absolute Encoder Gel 2035 Absolute Encoder GEL 2035

General Absolute Encoder Information

The multiturn absolute encoder series GEL 2035 returns a unique positional value for every angular position via an SSI interface with up to 24 bit resolution, the singleturn and multiturn stages each operating with 12 bit resolution. The multiturn stage is based on an electronic gear that registers revolutions without any mechanical components. A battery buffer maintains operation of the rotary pulse encoder in the event of a power outage: even if the encoder shaft rotates while the power is off the absolute position will be correctly returned as soon as power is switched on. The combination with a resolver produces a highly compact redundant system. Complete DC-isolation of the resolver and the magnetic absolute encoder is realized.


The absolute encoder GEL 2035 is based on a magnetic multiturn absolute encoder with electronic gear and returns a resolution of up to 24 bits. The absolute position is given via an SSI interface. If you wish to construct a completely redundant measuring system there is also the option of combining the magnetic multiturn with a resolver. In this combination you have an inductive resolver as singleturn absolute encoder with an analog output signal coupled with a magnetic multiturn absolute encoder with digital output. The encoder housing is of anodized aluminum with a standard flange of 58 mm. The SMD electronic components are implemented using the very latest technology. The absolute encoder GEL 2035 is suitable both for standard applications and for heavy-duty work, withstands aggressive media and has an impressively long maintenance-free life.

Measuring Principle

The absolute encoder operates on the basis of contact-free magnetic sampling of a diametral magnet that is embedded in the encoder shaft. Magneto-resistive (MR) sensors register the orientation of the magnetic field directly as an absolute position within a single rotation and register the number of rotations independently of the power supply. Even without power (outages, maintenance) a battery buffer enables the GEL 2035 to detect and register changes of positions. This magnetic sampling technology is not subject to aging and is not affected by temperature fluctuations, dirt or condensation.

Type of code/Interface

The magnetic absolute encoder returns the positional values in Gray code via an SSI interface. The redundant resolver signals are provided in the form of analog voltages.


The maximum transfer rate depends on the cable length. We recommend shielded twisted-pair cable.

Features of Lenord & Bauer Absolute Encoder GEL 2035

  • Up to 24 bit resolution
  • Resolver with Sin/Cos output signal returns redundant positional signal within one revolution
  • Special battery-protection mode activated for storage by pressing the preset button when VS = 0 V. Switches automatically to normal mode after starting up.
  • Lithium ion battery with a lifetime of up to ten years
  • Changes of positions are registered even without power supply (system runs down during a power outage, shaft movement during maintenance).
  • Battery buffer serves for emergency operation during power outages and maintenance work. Without power supply the maximum operating speed of 6000 min-1 is allowed shortly.

Technical Information

  • Resolution: up to 24 Bit
  • Precision: 0.8
  • Signal pattern: SSI and SSI with Resolver
  • Singleturn (ST): Sampling using magneto-resistive (MR) sensor elements
  • Multiturn (MT): Electronic gear with no additional mechanical components (contact-free, no mechanical gear, battery buffered)

Options for additional DC-isolated signal patterns

  • Redundant resolver signal

Technical Data

Accuracy (DIN 32876) 0.8 (> 9 Bit)
Electrical data
Operating voltage 10 to 30 V DC with reverse battery protection
Power consumption < 0.3 W, load-free output (SSI base encoder)
Resolution Singleturn (ST) 12 bit (4096 measuring interval in 360)
Resolution Multiturn (MT) 12 bit (4096 revolution, electronic gear with battery buffer)
Transmission frequency (SSI) 40 kHz to 500 kHz
Output code Gray
Transmission max. 1200 m depending on the transfer rate
The immunity of interference highly immune to interference due to symmetrical data transfer
Initialization (application VS) 1 s (switchover time from sleep mode with battery-protection to operating mode)
Position evaluation 45 s
Output time 20 s
Mechanical data
Housing diameter 58 mm
Flange Clamping Flange
Shaft dimensions (D x length) [mm ] 10 x 20
Housing length 53 mm (SSI), 63 mm (SSI with resolver)
Weight 300 g (SSI), 450 g (SSI with resolver)
Material anodized aluminum
Operating speed (limit) 6,000 min-1
Shaft loading (axial / radial) Distance contact point: 5 mm, at 1,000 min-1 = 160 N / 80 N, at 6,000 min-1 = 100 N / 80 N
Bearing life > 109 at 1,000 min-1
Operating torque < 3 Ncm
Environmental data
Protection class IP 67
Shock protection (IEC 68, 2-27) 2,000 m/s2, 11 ms
Vibration resistance (IEC 68, 2-6) 200 m/s2, 10 to 2,000 Hz
Working temperature range -40 C to 85 C
Operating temperature range -40 C to 85 C
Storage temperature range -40 C to 85 C
Relative humidity max 100 %
Condensation permissible
EMC EN 61000-6-1 to 4
Insulation strength Ri > 1 MΩ at 500 V AC

Dimension Drawing Gel 2035 (SSI)

Absolute Encoder GEL 2035 Dimension Drawing SSI - Lenord & Bauer Rail Speed Sensors and Rotary Pulse Encoders

Dimensioned drawing GEL 2035 (SSI with resolver)

Dimensioned drawing GEL 2035 (SSI with resolver) - Lenord & Bauer Rail Speed Sensors and Rotary Pulse Encoders

Technical Data Resolver

Input voltage 7 V rms
Primary ER1R2 = Esin ωt
Secondary ES1S3 = KER1R2 Cos Θ, K = conversion ratio
ES2S4 = KER1R2 Sin Θ
Input frequency 10 kHz (max. permissible deviation 5 %)
Conversion ratio 0.5 5 %
Precision (measurement errors) 10'
Zero potential max. 20 mV rms
Phase separation Nominally 0
Speed ripple max. 1.5 % at 1,500 min-1
Insulation resistance 100 M Ω at 500 V DC
Input current max. 80 mA

Available Variants

PRESET-Function at SSI

At any given rotary position the output signals can be set to preset values. As default the singleturn is to set 2n-1 and the multiturn is set to half of its maximum value. The preset can be set electrically by applying Vs to the Preset line for t > 100 ms (do not apply permanently). Alternatively, a preset pushbutton is optionally available, recessed in the encoder base (IP 67). This is to be pushed with a blunt pin for t > 100 ms. After enabling the PRESET function the value is directly available, but it will first be transmitted via SSI after 3 s.

Available Variants
Type Code Flange Absolute encoder variants
GEL2035SDG1212BES40 clamping flange GEL 2035 (24 Bit SSI)
GEL2035SRG1212BES40 clamping flange GEL 2035 (24 Bit SSI with resolver)

Customer-specific variants

Customer-specific modifications to mechanical and electrical properties are fundamentally possible.


For further information about the accessories, please refer to out technical information encoder accessories.

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